Experienced Family Law Litigators

We are daily guided by our founding principles of passion for our work, pride in performance, and gratitude for being able to do what we do.

  • divorce


    We help you reach a fair settlement with boundaries that makes sense for your family.

  • Paternity


    Protect your paternity rights and obligations so your child can have the best life possible.

  • Guardianship


    Resolve care-taking responsibilities and guardianship for both minors and adults. 

  • Mediation


    We can help act as a safe space for both parties to meet, talk, and settle disagreements out of court.

  • Custody-Evaluations

    Custody Evaluations (CE)

    Protect your custody rights and understand how to uphold them.

  • Protective-&-Restraining-Orders

    Protective & Restraining Orders

    Get back your safety with protective or temporary restraining orders.

  • Child-Protective-Services

    Child Protective Services

    Fight so that your family can have the best chance possible.

  • Guardian-Ad-Litem

    Guardian Ad Litem

    We reliably represent minors in court to ensure they achieve optimal outcomes.

  • Step-Parent-Adoption

    Step-Parent Adoption

    Expand your family ties by cementing step-parent relationships through adoption.

  • Uncontested-Divorces

    Uncontested Divorces

    Quickly and efficiently resolve your uncontested divorce case. 

You Take Care of Your Family. We'll Take Care of You.

Partner with Honolulu's reliable family lawyers to ensure you get the representation you need.


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