Answered All My Questions

“I talked to several different divorce lawyers in Honolulu before hiring Justin Sturdivant. I liked that he took the time to meet with me personally and he answered all of my questions. Plus his fee was the most reasonable of the lawyers I talked to.  My ex-wife's family has money and they hired expensive divorce lawyers to pressure me into giving her everything she wanted. Mr. Sturdivant stood up to her lawyers and didn't let them push me around. We ended up with a divorce that is fair and that didn't drag on for months.  I hope I never need his help again but I would recommend him to my friends if they find themselves in need of a good, page tough divorce lawyer.”

J.H., Kapolei, HI

Did So Much for Our Family

"I can not express how much we appreciate this blessing you have given us Mr. Sturdivant.  I will always be grateful for everything you have done for our family... Attached is a picture of us during Christmas that wouldn't have been possible without you.  Please know that I will always remember this and am deeply grateful."

T.L., Kahuki, HI

We Were His Top Priority

"When you find an attorney who puts resolving your case to your satisfaction as his top priority, hang on to that attorney. Justin Sturdivant is that attorney. "

J.H., Kapolei, HI

You Take Care of Your Family. We'll Take Care of You.

Partner with Honolulu's reliable family lawyers to ensure you get the representation you need.


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